Systemic counselling

In the course of your life, a variety of issues or problems can arise that may burden you or you may wish for change or support. Together, we will work out individual solutions step by step that suit you.

Individual counselling

Maybe you have the desire for change, perhaps you want new perspectives for the future or need support in crises, separation or grief. Or maybe you have the feeling that you are a bit different and would like support in dealing with high sensitivity or giftedness in everyday life.

Couples counselling

Perhaps you would like counselling on how to improve communication in your relationship, whether at the beginning of your romantic relationship or in the middle of it. Perhaps you would also like to get to know your partner even better in order to simplify a long life together.

A systemic consultation with you or your partner about your concerns can help you to find new possibilities for action and understanding.

First meeting and costs

I cordially invite you to a noncommittal initial consultation. The duration of the initial interview is 60 minutes. The frequency and duration of further counselling sessions will depend on your needs and will be discussed in the initial consultation.

The billing is done as self-payer. You benefit that you receive appointments without a waiting time and that your data will not be passed on to your health insurance, for example. Of course, I am subject to confidentiality.

You can find further information on the costs here.

Simply contact me via email or telephone to arrange a noncommittal initial meeting or for further information.